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An exhibition of art for, about, and mostly by women!

Discovering the value of a woman is like trying to count all the stars in the cosmos; you know that its infinite. So, all you can do is treat them like the priceless works of art they are. Admire their beauty, flaws and all, regardless of their color, size, or shape. We must protect these priceless works of art the the life of our species depends on it because; IT ACTUALLY DOES! One of the things that make women better than any Monet or Van Gogh is their strength. Woman have the strength to bring life into this world , strength to be oppressed for so long and still be the fairer sex and most importantly the strength to deal with the normalcy of a system that objectifies them and still end up on top! There are no words, no action, or anything humanly possible to show women their true value to this concept we call LIFE, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try with every fiber of our being.

Upcoming events (2)

Painted Poetry (Live Painting and Poetry)

Needs a location

Spoken word performance while a visual artist creates a painting live tonthe mood of the evening.

Malcolm X Paint & Sip

Needs a location

We are honoring one of history’s greatest leaders and fearless rebels Malcolm X. Come create your own masterpiece with the guided instruction of a master artist. All levels welcomed.

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Black Love Paint & Sip

Above Art Studios

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