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Moving or new to Austin? You're welcome here! Join our social and 🍷 happy-hour events with 20+ attendees! Look at these event videos: https://rebrand.ly/OasisEventArealVideo and https://rebrand.ly/LastStandBreweryEventVideo

We've changed the group name from "Austin New In Town" to "New City Welcome", the new registered name

We organize great events and take you to cool places, introducing you to new people. Membership and events are FREE. Be courteous, RSVP!

We meet in different venues; restaurants, breweries, wine or food tasting, games and other themes and parking is usually FREE!

If you're new in town, newcomer, transplant or relocating, this group is for you!. Of course, we also welcome anyone who has already been living in the area!

Please provide a clear photo of YOU and full name. Whether there are 5 or 50 of us, we want to recognize each other and make each event fun and safe!!

*Please read the disclaimers at the end of the page*.

How is it handled? Ask for our group at the front desk. Look for people with a name tag. A warm welcome. Games, prizes, connecting, networking and socializing... it's all about the FUN!

At the venue/event everyone's on their own/individual tab. The sponsoring business may reward us with freebies

Be in my contacts list! email me here: tatimckeen@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram



Photographs and videos of the group and of you may be taken at events and may be posted on social media websites, and/or may be used for advertising of the events. By signing up for any event, you give your permission for photographs and videos which may include you in them, to be posted and/or to be used as described above.


You agree when you sign up for the events that you have read and understand what follows: If/when you join us for any event, please understand that you are responsible for your own well-being and safety, and will hold no one else liable in case of injury. You agree not to hold the Austin New In Town Meetup group, or any of its Owners, Organizers, Co-Organizers, or any of its Members, responsible for any injuries that may occur at any planned event. This release extends and applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, damages, loss and liability. You are responsible to research the event and your own preparedness. Your attendance at any event signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver. By signing up for any event you understand and assume full responsibility for your actions and at your own risk.

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Sunset at the Oasis and Photo contest!

6550 Comanche Trail

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