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"New Culture" (http://www.new-culture.org, http://www.cfnc.us) is about creating sustainable, rich, intimate personal relationships, along with a sustainable world to enjoy them in, based on transparency, delight, freedom, and community.

In order to create a New Culture in our lives and in the larger society, we put on events that help us develop the skills we need to make that real, including communication, self-knowledge, presence, conflict resolution, and effective activism. These events can be an evening or weekend, and some last 10 days or more, so that we can "live" New Culture and turn new skills into daily practices. You can see descriptions of many of the 4 day and longer events on the Web: Summer Camp East (Mid-Atlantic, July, http://www.cfnc.us/

Along with building community skills, the New Culture community asks questions about what a healthy, violence-free culture might look like – for example, how do we raise children? How do we care for elders? What might intimate relationships look like? What’s an ethical and sustainable way to grow our food?

We have lots of questions and not too many answers. The fun part is looking at these issues together and trying out possible solutions while we practice being non-attached, curious, and transparent and also being playful, creative, and connected. We have no gurus and no dogma – a diversity of opinions is welcomed and appreciated.

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New Culture Summer Camp East 2019

Private Retreat Center - Address Provided with Registration

Join us for the 16th annual New Culture Summer Camp East-- a 10 day experimental community for emotional intimacy, radical love, and global change! www.cfnc.us/summercamp *Register here: www.cfnc.us/summercamp/register From #metoo to “fake news,” from refugee crises to global climate instability, the world’s problems are getting hotter, and our culture of disconnection makes solutions seem impossible. Is it possible to untangle deep societal conflicts within a field of love? We believe it is. Experience what we’ve learned in our 25 years of exploration – the compassion, communication, and intimate connection that make a new world possible. Connect in the ways you’ve always wanted, learn skills to transform your daily life, and dive into the challenges of creating a sustainable, violence-free culture. NEW CULTURE SUMMER CAMP is 10 days of: Intimacy-building – Personal Growth – Social Change – Pushing Your Edges – Compassionate Community – Personal Empowerment – Co-creation – Diversity – Radical Acceptance – Relationship Freedom – Being in the Moment – Clear Communication – Dance & Celebration – Sustainability – Hugs & Cuddle Piles - Gorgeous Nature - Hiking - Great Food! Read more at: www.communities.ic.org/articles/153/Network_for_a_New_Culture_Camps New Culture means examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom, rather than fear and violence. We explore every aspect of life, from how we earn a living, to how we live in balance with nature, to how we create exciting, satisfying intimate relationships! At New Culture Summer Camp, we invite top-notch presenters, and live, work, learn and play together for 10 days or more. All this for only $[masked] sliding scale for all meals, programs, activities, and campsite, in a spectacular whitewater and woods setting in the mountains of West Virginia, less than 3 hours from DC, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh. *Indoor lodging in the Lodge and cabins is available at additional cost. We have scholarship funds available for low-income folks. If you want to come, talk to us! We´ll work out a way for you to be there. Parents, we offer a cooperative children's program for the young (and young at heart!). Please contact us right away if you and your children are interested in participating. Extend Your Summer Camp Experience! Pre-Camp, Tuesday 7/09 to Friday 7/12, and Post-Camp, Sunday 7/21 to Wednesday 7/24. Join us as we build our community energy and create the community's infrastructure; stay with us to release the energy that we created and restore the site. *Want to know more about New Culture Summer Camp? www.cfnc.us/summercamp A Meetup RSVP does not secure your place - register here: www.cfnc.us/summercamp/register ABOUT NEW CULTURE - Intimate community without the limits of geography! Network for a New Culture (www.nfnc.org/) is an all-volunteer, grassroots network; the Summer Camp is the heart of NFNC. For 20 years, Summer Camp and New Culture have grown to include more time, more places, and more people. Smaller gatherings now happen every few weeks, scattered around the country: Seattle, Oregon, the SF Bay Area, San Diego, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Boston, Hawaii, and more. Intentional communities have formed in many places that incorporate New Culture values and insights. >> Contact Us: Phone:[masked] Email: [masked] Facebook: www.facebook.com/CenterForANewCulture/ CFNC Website: http://cfnc.us/ New Culture Website: www.new-culture.org/ >> Wanna hear about future events in the DC area? *Join our... Facebook group: www.facebook.com/NewCultureDC *Email list: www.groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/chrysalis-events See the complete Center for a New Culture events list on our... *Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CenterForANewCulture/Events *Website: www.cfnc.us/events

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New Culture Spring Camp: The Nature of Knowing

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