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New Day Cinema (NDC) is "A Community of Storytellers," a networking, support group for screenwriters, playwrights, and filmmakers who wish to join like-minded creatives and work together in teams to achieve the common goal of creating scripts for screen and stage which bring about positive personal, social, and environmental change in our community.

We provide a monthly meeting space—a think-tank, writer’s room, performance atmosphere, where writers, creative producers, filmmakers, and actors come together to brainstorm and share script ideas for television, movies, and stage plays, from inception to production.



Website: https://indi.com/newdaycinema

Contact: info@newdaycinema.com

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New Day Cinema (NDC) is leaving meetup.com - Look for us on Eventbrite.com!

Thank you for joining and supporting New Day Cinema (NDC) on meetup.com, in 2018! Effective February 24, 2019, New Day Cinema (NDC) is leaving meetup.com, and is no longer accepting members. We will continue to host our Screenwriting, Playwriting, and Short Film Workshops each month, but will no longer have a membership page on meetup.com, after February 24, 2019. To find out about our upcoming events in 2019, Google "New Day Cinema Events," or search New Day Cinema on Eventbrite.com Questions or Inquiries? Contact us at: [masked]

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New Day Cinema Writers Room!

Fire Station 82 Annex Community Room

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