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New Dehli Cassandra Users is part of a global network for cloud-native enthusiasts, specifically for developers looking to explore the Apache Cassandra™ project and it’s wider ecosystem. We are interested in technologies like Cloud Computing, Cloud Native, Serverless, Containers and other related topics. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community and welcome members from all backgrounds and experience levels! So even if you are just starting out on your cloud-native development journey or have been going for some time, this is the place to be!

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This group is run by the DataStax Developers team, a DataStax community service. We are a group dedicated to increasing your knowledge and levelling up your skills by bringing you some of the best FREE and EDUCATIONAL content there is! We focus only on Open Source Software - no marketing pitches. From Developers for Developers.

Upcoming events (2)

Apache Cassandra World Party 2022

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As we near the release of Apache Cassandra 4.1, we are excited to announce the second annual Apache Cassandra™ World Party (CWP) on *Wednesday, July 20, 2022*.

=== What is the event?
CWP is a special one-day event that brings together the global community for a fun and fast-paced virtual gathering that reflects who we are in all its diversity.

To make CWP accessible to as many people as possible, we will run three, one-hour virtual sessions across three different time zones at the following times:
* July[masked] UTC
* July[masked] UTC
* July[masked] UTC

=== Submit a talk!
To make it as easy as possible for anyone in the community to get involved, the format for the talks is very simple:
* Each talk is only five minutes long (lightning talks!)
* Each speaker has five slides that automatically advance every minute.
* Talks can be in the language of the speaker’s choice. English is not required.

Talk topics can range on anything related to Cassandra: the new Cassandra 4.1 release; what you love about the database; how you’ve contributed; what you’ve learned; or what you’ve built with Cassandra.

The goal of the talks is to share Cassandra knowledge and experiences with everyone in the community.

To submit your talk, head to the CFP portal here before the closing date of Sunday, June 19 at 11:59 pm PT / 6:59 UTC.
For a chance to meet up in person, we are also running local watch parties in major cities that will cover all the time zones.

Register for the event to receive the latest news and updates on watch parties, as we get closer to the day.
Apache Cassandra has a lot to celebrate, and we look forward to seeing you at CWP in July!

Cassandra 4.1 and Beyond!

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Are you new to Apache Cassandra® and wondering what all the excitement is about? Or a veteran Cassandra user interested in understanding what’s new in the project?
Register here please for our live webinar on July 21 to learn about the latest Cassandra release and why it represents a big step forward. DataStax Software Engineer Jeff Carpenter will walk you through new features in version 4.1. He will explain how the emphasis on pluggable APIs sets the stage for ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) transactions in next year’s 5.0 release.

  • Get the inside scoop on how version 4.1 maintains the stability of Cassandra 4.0.
  • Learn about the new pluggable interfaces and other 4.1 features you can use to tailor your Cassandra deployment to your environment:
  • Pluggable storage
  • Pluggable network encryption
  • Pluggable authentication
  • External schema storage
  • Guardrails
  • Celebrate our open source community with highlights from the 2022 Apache Cassandra World Party.

Join DataStax for insights on this new Cassandra release and practical recommendations for your environment.

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