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"Toss Your Own SFDC Topic"
In order to mark the next step to our learning thru collaboration, "Toss Your Own SFDC Topic" is a concept wherein firstly a topic is taken from all the participants and then each one of them share their understanding with the rest. P.S. You may also suggest/recommend any better location if you have. NOTE: Please RSVP only when you believe in learning thru collaboration concept. This group is self-managed and self-sponsored.

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    "SFDC is the most preferred CRM these days. Let's group together and collaborate among ourselves to learn every bits and pieces of and related stuffs..."

    This group is self managed and coordinated by the meetup members. It is not sponsored by any organization or entity. It is WE who solely define the success and optimum utilization of this group.

    So Guys! Let's do it together. Together we move forward, Together we grow.

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