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There are amazing things afoot on planet Earth, and changes are happening FAST in the realm of human consciousness. I have studied and worked closely with and also personally assisted the legendary Dolores Cannon in her classes and QHHT academy in Arkansas. Dolores wrote more than 20 books on past life regression, ascension, consciousness and contact with other beings. I continue to support Dolores' practitioners worldwide on the thriving and non-censored ORIGINAL Quantum Healing Support Forum. We have been active since 2008!

We are EXPANDING... and are welcoming practitioners of all modalities on our NEW worldwide DIRECTORY!

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quantumhealingpractitioners.com (https://www.quantumhealingpractitioners.com/)

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quantumhealingandbeyond.co (https://quantumhealingandbeyond.com/)m

For more information about Candace visit: candacecrawgoldman.com (https://candacecrawgoldman.com/)

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New Earth Journey Wellness Studio

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