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My time is flexible to meet except that weekends I like to ski or hike and March 6-14 I will be skiing in the French Alps (with a Meetup group).

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Modified March 23, 2015

There are many travel meetup groups, some of which are "for profit", and many commercial travel companies. There is nothing wrong with such groups and companies, but there is no need for another group to do the same as they do. The goal for this group to fill a different "niche", to be different from the others.

The goal is for this group to be different in:

1. Adventurous trips, whether in the U S or abroad. But that's not all we are, Some other groups do that, read on.

2. This is NOT a for-profit group. I, the founder and original organizer, am not seeking any compensation for trips or otherwise.

3. It is my concept that unlike some other groups, the "organizer" of a trip will not go for free, subsidized by increasing the costs of others. I do not criticize other groups that work that way, I have been on some wonderful trips with some, but I'm going to experiment with this group being different.

4. While the organizer of a trip will not go for free, it is my goal/hope that many others who participate in an event will share the planning. Perhaps one person will investigate air fares, another where to stay, another what to do there, etc. Time will tell if this works out. The work to be done by any one person may be as minimal as making a phone call to an airline, calling a hostel, or a few minutes research on the internet. It's very little work if spread out, but a lot of work for one person to do by themselves.

5. There is no minimal threshhold for how adventurous the trip will be. It may be to the wilds of Borneo or a weekend in Marthas Vineyard, biking and staying in a hostel. This is not MY group, it's OURS. Are you looking for someone, one person or more to accompany you on a standard-type cruise? A night at a concert? POST IT, become an event organizer, just contact me to do that.

6. In some situations we will be able to save our members a lot of money on great trips compared to other commercial companies and meetup groups. EXAMPLE: Machu Pichu (Peru). Typically, a trip there with a guide up the "Inca Trail" is advertised at about $1700 plus air fare. From my research, a gude must be a Peru-based licensed guiding company. Therefore someone here can only subcontract it out to a local guiding company. From my research, the best Peru-based guiding company is "Llama Path". They have almost 500 Trip Advisor reviews with an average 5 stars. I called them. Cost if booked directly through them, for a group, about $600 each (as of 2015 prices).

Couples as well as singles will be welcome. Some people would like to do this type of adventurous traveling but need someone or others to go with them. This is the group for that . Become a co-organizer and post whatever kind of event or trip you like.

This will also be as a clearing house for ideas. If you have some great info to share, become a co-organizer and post whatever you like.

Those are my initial ideas, I'm looking for ideas from others, some of which are already coming in. THe concept will not doubt change develop over time.

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