What we're about

The idea to create this meetup came to us during numerous hikes at the White Mountains and beyond, while meeting along the way and chatting with many Russians – single, couples, and small groups. Most of them had an opinion on how great it would be to share their hiking experiences in a joint effort to explore new trails and reach unknown summits. Later, we realized that many other non-Russian speaking hikers had the same intention, so they are welcome as well. We all are fluent in English, although our accent can be both terrible and charming. The language is not a barrier: we ourselves are from different countries and are willing to use the language that everyone is comfortable with. So this was the basis of introducing a new multi-language and multi-cultured outdoors club which covers the whole New England area. Why the New England area? We live in different parts of New England and don’t want to exclude outdoor enthusiasts living outside of the Great Boston area. If you have a humbling desire to hike and enjoy mountain views, join us! Where you live is not important as long as you can join our hikes!
Our intention to introduce several program/series, adjustable to any outdoors enthusiast from beginning level to the expert :
• 52 White Mountains viewers (easy, moderate) – for beginners and meditative persons
• 48 White Mountains 4000 footers, for more advanced hikers, targeting to make a hiker’s carrier
• Winter hiking including mt. Washington
• Winter skiing (cross country and downhill)
• West Coast, Rockies and International hiking/mountaineering (e.g. Alps, Himalayan, Andes, etc)
• Kayaking/canoeing
• Mountain biking

Just like any other group, we have rules. However, ours are simple and liberal, yet strict:

a) All introductory questions must be answered, and a photo clearly depicting yourself (not your dog, child or a lake).

b) No “guests” are allowed. Everyone showing up for an event must be signed up. Kids are welcome to join with a prior approval of the event organizer.

c) We don’t like “dead souls” and expect you join our events at least twice a year.

d) If you sign up for an activity, be respectful to other team members and show up, prepared, at the starting point on time. If you need to drop out, inform the event organizer ASAP via the cell phone number provided on each even announcement page.

Past events (100)

mts. Bond and West Bond, difficult, about 16 mi

Needs a location

mt. Paugus, easy-moderate

Needs a location

Hike Mt. Osceola (NH 4K) - easy/moderate

Mt. Osceola Trailhead

Photos (1,240)