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New Family Constellations
New Family Constellations
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A Center For Natural Healing

1807 Pruneridge Ave. Suite C · Santa Clara, ca

How to find us

This location is at a strip mall; the main door is next to a Hair Studio. Once you go up the stairs, go to the left. It's Studio C and on the door, it says: "Dharma Studio - A Center for Natural Healing."

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Do you feel stuck in your life?

Are you looking for loving relationships and think you have no luck in love? Are you having problems with your partner?

Do you have financial problems despite working and trying hard to solve them?

Do you have difficult relationships with your children or other relatives? Do your children have difficulties in their lives?

Do you have complicated illnesses or have had serious or repeated accidents in your life?

Are you trapped in a pattern that you are not able to break?

Do you feel you are following a life that is not yours?

When we have tried to change something and haven’t been successful, it is often because we are carrying it for someone else from our Family System, often from a past generation.

It is impossible to understand and heal this unless we are able to see the "entanglements” in our Family System. We are able to do this through the Family Constellation.

Doing a Family Constellation can help you in many ways! For example:

* Your personal relationships
* Your professional life
* Your health
* To make an important decision
* To understand a specific situation
* To be successful and have abundance

Come and join us at New Family Constellations!

You don’t need prior experience to join, but if this is your first Family Constellation Session with me, please watch this introduction:

In this meeting, we will do one or two Constellations (reserved in advance). The cost is $125 per Constellation.

The donation for all other participants is only $10; everyone learns and benefits just by being present.

It is not necessary for your family to be present to do your Family Constellation. The other participants will represent them and the less they know about your family, the better.

* Please come early so that we can take full advantage of the time we have together.

* Privacy and trust among the group members are fundamental for Constellations. For that reason, by agreeing to participate you commit to keeping all information disclosed during the sessions as confidential.

* Constellations can have a positive impact on your well-being. However, you should never stop taking medication, therapy or treatment without the approval of your doctor or therapist. By participating, you confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or medical condition, disorder or injury that could make it inadvisable for you to participate in the session.

I look forward to seeing you.

Liza Miron