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NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE just a "ONE OFF JOINING FEE" of £5 is required and should be received within one month of you joining. This helps contribute towards website fees for this group.

This group is a well established group and has been running for over 7 years.

We've held over 1500 fantastic & fun events with many more planned for you to join in with.

This group is about creating a mixture of events to suit all tastes. Examples of what we do ... theatre shows, plays, cinema, museums, art galleries, local tours of our amazing Liverpool buildings we walk past everyday without noticing, pub quizzes, varied walks, coffee afternoons, afternoon & evening pub crawls, quieter pub drinking times and even racing days. We also do meetups with our Sister group (

You may be new to the area, shy or just want to go out more often. Is a great opportunity to meet new friends of ALL AGES however, you may like to know that the majority of our group currently are over the age of 35.

Don' t waste anymore time, come and join in the fun!

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YOUR PROFILE NAME . . . Is your profile name unique? Lots of members have similar forenames which makes it difficult to identify payments for events etc. (Please add some initials or numbers to your first name or just add your surname)

YOUR PROFILE PHOTO... To have your membership request accepted for this group, pleasedisplay a current and clear headshot photo ofJUST YOURSELF as your main profile photo. Ensure you are not wearing sunglasses or a hat as this could make it difficult to recognise you at meetups. It is important that you can easily be recognised by everyone. If your profile photo isn't acceptable your membership request will be declined and you will receive an email requesting you to change the photo and then re-apply.

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New event organisers are welcomed and greatly appreciated. So if you have some fab ideas you'd like to suggest or even organise yourself, then you've come to the right place. (Any events that require payment, all payments will always be collected by myself or Mike only).

Thanks and look forward to meeting you soon!

Sheila (Group Founder & Organizer)

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