What we're about

Looking to empower yourself with some self-healing techniques? Then you've found a great place to start with this meetup group! This group meets two to three times a month to learn and share many self-healing energy medicine techniques. We will discuss a different topic each week. The discussions will include an explanation of how the various techniques are helping each of us, but more importantly will include a lot of demonstration and practicing of the techniques, so we can retain what we've learned by the time we go home for the evening. The goal is to work together as a group, to support each other in learning these self-healing techniques so that we can take what we've learned out into the larger community! The techniques are easy to do and can be modified for those who have any level of physical limitation. This is not a fitness class; the movements are not physically demanding. The movements may involve, but are not limited to tracing, tapping, massaging, and holding of certain points or pathways on the body. Various postures and breathing techniques may come into play at times! If you find that you cannot perform one of the techniques, you can use your intention and visualization of the movement to reap the benefits. As Albert Einstein proved, energy is all there is. By learning how to work with your own energies, you can provide yourself with a healthy and vital life with your own two hands. Your body was designed to heal itself! Working together in this group setting will raise our vibration, which will carry out into the world for the greater good of all!