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For fans of the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Podcast ( http://www.harrypottersacredtext.com/ )

Let's meet up and work through the seven Harry Potter books in the same way Vanessa and Casper do in the podcast: one chapter at a time, with a predetermined/pre-agreed upon theme, and a sacred textual analysis method of our choosing.

Hoping for folks to demonstrate their interest on Meetup or by emailing me before the end of October 2018 so we can plan our first meet up soon! Once I have a few people interested, I'll send out a poll for various organizational preferences like when and where to meet or how many chapters we'd like to cover per meeting. Folks of any/no spiritual or religious background are welcome, and religious tolerance for all is required. Hope to hear from you soon!

Contact me at: lanthann@gmail.com

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Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 12-14: Responsibility vs. Disobedience

Come out and talk with us about Chapters 12-14 of Book 2 on March 32nd at 7:00 through the theme of the Responsibility/Upholding/Tradition to Disobedience/Mischief/Subversion continuum. First on the agenda is winnowing down our terms on that mouthful. Keep an eye out for a discussion guide, coming soon. Additionally, keep in mind that for our meetup in later April (which will cover the final chapters of CoS,) we will require a guest host. Think about if you'd like to host and let me know if you do (I'll be present, but can't come on time, and am teaching a long workshop right beforehand and will be too fried to take responsibility for leading a substantive conversation haha). This can involve anything from leading the conversation from a discussion guide I still provide to totally doing your own thing. We can also consider having different people lead the conversation on different of our final Chamber of Secrets chapters. Let me know of any interest.

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Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 8-11: Prejudice

Panera Bread

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