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New to the the area, I am interested in gathering like minded souls to journey and drum together in service to personal and collective evolution.

This group welcomes all creeds, gender identifications and backgrounds. If you feel called to gather in this way, you are welcome.

The vision I am seeing is gathering in circle to journey around a particular question or inquiry and sharing the wisdom gained with the group for collective evolution. Like dreaming, the journey is dreaming us awake. What is dreamt by the one, holds wisdom for the personal and the collective. Your dream/journey may carry wisdoms that touch one personally and the tapestry we weave in service to the whole.

I intend this being a co-created and curated group. Your voice is called forth and welcomed.

I also hope we can find spaces to do ceremony with the phases of the moon such as fires with the full moon, perhaps intention setting with the new moon.

Ideally you have a journey practice and if you don't know this ancient, supportive, powerful tool, I love teaching it! So let your heart and soul guide you - if you feel called - Join US!

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