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1. 如何获得免税的退休收入

2. 如何避免即将到来的金融危机

3. 地产和金融如何结合带给客户最大收益.

4. 地產界服务行业面对新生的商业模式的挑战,如何选择革命性的商业模式创造出三,四倍的收入。

5. 如何顺势而为将贷款,地產,金融一條龍服務推至尽美境界。

6. 为什么生前福利将是颠覆金融革命的主力

1. How to obtain a retirement income that is tax-free2. How to avoid the coming financial crash3. Why real estate, mortgage industry and financial industry one stop shop service will create three to four time times revenue4. Why living benefits will revolutionize the financial industry5. One of the best vehicles to accumulate for kids' education funds as well.6. One of the greatest revolutions in the financial industry. Dress code: Business attireFor attendees who is seeking for mentorship, please feel free to add Linda Li's wechat ID:quartzh12

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