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Very Unique Professional Real Estate Investment Education and Marketing Associate Community. Weekly Mentorship Study Groups with regular Saturday Advanced Trainings. This groups focus is building on a strong foundation of college level investor education for both beginners and Advanced Investors. We provide mentorship and deal investing partnerships with corporate support and funding. Group is under a private corporate and educational institution.

New members and guest are always welcomed but all attendees must RSVP and Pre-registration is 100% required as space is limited.


Our Professional Real Estate Investment Education Meetup will provide you knowledge and team support to start, build, grow and or expand you as a Professional Real Estate Investor and equip you to start, manage and or expand your Real Estate Investment Business.

We will not just teach real estate investing, We will create real estate investors!


EDUCATE-SUPPORT-MENTOR-AND-DEAL PARTNERSHIPS. Practice and execute real deals and strategies with the overview of the team investing with you with corporate support and funding. Make money, build long-term wealth and financial security. Create partnerships within a real world investing community.

If you're just beginning... to knock down the barriers holding you back from starting and taking your first step...whether it be from lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of money/credit, or just fear.

If you're already experienced... to increase your net worth by leveraging systems and tools in place to expand your network and take you to your next level of investing.

YOU... that is if you're serious about your financial future in becoming a successful, real estate investor and business owner. We would like to invite all levels of investors from 1st timers to 20+ year investors. Our approach to real estate investing is through a corporate team and intimate friendly community.


This group is for those who want a life making money in real estate investing, build long-term wealth and financial security. Create lasting partnerships within a real world unique real estate investment community. Learn and grow financially have fun and make new friends networking with like-minding individuals.

You will experience all the benefits of locking arms with an real estate investment community of like-minded investors united by the common interest of building wealth through real estate, we want members of all ages and experience levels who own both residential and commercial properties, locally and in other markets.

Our focus is on a set standard professional real estate investor education curriculum in learning various aspects of real estate investing as a profession with real deal implementation and support of what we are learning in a group setting. This is to offer mentorship support in deal and investment executions in a local and national TEAM Building Investment Community under a well established corporate and educational umbrella.

(TEAM) Together Everyone Achieves More... This is 1 of three local area Meetups - (1) Delaware (2) Philadelphia PA, (2) New Jersey under the corporation and education program we offer.

Questions? Call Devin @ 215-621-9064

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