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Sunday Meditation / Energy Clearing (virtual gathering)
Ahhhh.... Let's slow down the pace of life for an hour together... Join me on Sunday mornings at 10am from the comfort of your own couch as I guide our group (via phone) through a meditation / energy clearing. We are always more powerful as a humanity when we focus our attention in one direction together, and focusing through meditation invites in the wisdom of our Souls to guide us. As an Energy Healer and Meditation Guide, I hold the space for the virtual group container (all lines are muted except for mine), allowing you to drop gracefully into having your own individual healing experience. - If you need to S L O W D O W N your life and simply rest for the hour, your body will do so as you listen to the vibration of my voice... and then you will head into the rest of your day feeling much like you do after an amazing massage or acupuncture session! - If you are ready to R E L E A S E some stuck energy from your relationships, health, finances, schedule (the list continues!), the meditation steps I guide you through always begin with energetically "releasing that which no longer serves." So powerful and effective! - And if you are ready to C O N N E C T with your own Source Energy and fill back up what feels like a very tired or empty Mind-Body-Spirit, I guide you through a process of re-connection that you can practice on your own again and again. Yes... Life is busy and chaotic and we're not always able to fit everything into our calendars. And yet... the Gift of the human journey is that we are always offered the Choice to Pause and Tune Back In. Always. I invite you to Pause with me on Sunday. And we slow down together. xoxox, Viv ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Exchange is $11 at the link below. Call in details are emailed to the address you provide when you complete your exchange. Thank you! ** Exchange at . **

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What we're about

So many of us are craving connection - the true, meaningful, "I SEE YOU' kind of connection from Soul to Soul! We are looking for our Tribe, other men and women who are committed to co-creating a peaceful, loving, harmonious, and thriving world.

It is easy to give up on that dream, to settle and say that it just doesn't exist because we don't see it or have it yet. What is much harder is to venture outside of our comfort zones and start building that reality!

"I know of such a place"...

.. Yes, we gather each month at my home on the New Moon for an evening of dreaming and sharing AND then setting specific intentions for the month ahead.

Why the New Moon?

Because astrology guides the human experience, whether our minds believe it or not! While the Full Moon "makes people act a little crazy" according to traditions, the New Moon is a blank canvas of Pure Potential - a wide open sky filled with a million, a billion stars for us to choose from for inspiration!

And so a dynamic community gathers each month, as we show up in our "real-ness," finding the ways where we are more alike than different. We chat about life - our relationships, our health, work, home, astrology, chakras, the weather! - and we start building new ideas, new connections, new co-creations.

Setting intentions individually and collectively. Come join us...

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