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Transport yourself to where you want to be in this life. Bring your higher self more into your life. Live more, from love, peace, and joy. Release that which no longer serves you. This is one of the most powerful, breath-work meditations out there. New Orleans Healing Center. Suite 220. What is my higher self? This activation is about connecting more with your higher self. Bringing your higher self, the part of you that already lives from love, peace, and joy more into your physical body while simultaneously raising your physical presence up to meet your higher self.

What's a Light Body? We all have multiple inter-related aspects within us. For example we all have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, and an energy body.The term light body comes from the term merkabah.

What is a merkabah? It translates to Light – Body – Vehicle.

Affordable Healing Arts, Suite 220 of the New Orleans Healing Center

Suggested Donation: $10

This is a breathwork workshop workshop. We will use a guided video from youtube to follow.

The event will be facilitated by David.


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