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Here's where we can chat by posting about whatever! Kinda like Facebook! :-)
You're in the right place! This is a place for us just to chat about whatever! That way we can get to know one another better! The rules are simple: All posts must be consistent with our motto, "The World's Nicest and Friendliest Games Group!" So let your posts reflect your deeply goodhearted niceness and friendliness! Among other pretty obvious things, this means: yes to friendly posts, and supportive posts, and sympathetic posts, and friendly-informative posts, and helpful posts, and all nice and friendly posts! And of course no attacks, no insults, no putdowns, no bad words, no defaming, no libel, no slander, no snark, no snideness, no meanness, no nastiness, and no selling. Re no selling--yes you can discuss briefly what you do for a living, but this is a place to converse and get to know one another better--not a place to try to make a buck. We get enough of that in the rest of our lives! Also, no posts concerning politics or religion. Unfortunately these topics are just about guaranteed to generate apoplectically enraged posts, and so they have no place in this particular cyber-land. For those who do want to discuss politics or religion, there's a zillion-plus other places on the web for that. As Group Organizer, I reserve the right to enforce these rules in my sole and arbitrary discretion, and to make new rules whenever, in my sole and arbitrary opinion, they become necessary to protect the group from meanness, nastiness, and/or anything else that goes against our motto, "The World's Nicest and Friendliest Games Group!" My enforcement powers include but are not limited to deleting posts and, if in my sole and arbitrary opinion necessary to protect our group, banning members. Obviously that's not a power that I'd exercise lightly but if I decide that I have to, I will. As Group Organizer, I will exercise these powers in my sole and arbitrary discretion. And if I ever fail to enforce these rules, that will never constitute a waiver of my right to enforce these rules at any time. Really though, knowing how nice are all the fellow gamesters I've met so far at our Games Nites, I'm pretty sure that I'll never have to do any such enforcement and that we'll all have a grand time--a berry grand time! (Quoting Strawberry Shortcake in the wondrous and delightful film, The World of Strawberry Shortcake, written by my hero, the great Romeo Muller, who also wrote the celebrated Rankin-Bass specials Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy, Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, and many others, including the first three Strawberry Shortcake specials and the three Puff the Magic Dragon specials! So go ahead and Weave Me The Sunshine! --> My Romeo Muller filmography: Let the warm and welcoming conversation begin! --George, Group Organizer :-)

Cyber-Niceville :-)

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    --->>> Welcome To The World's Nicest & Friendliest Games Group! <<<---

    In April 2012, Angella decided to start this group because, as she wrote, "there are so few casual groups for ANYONE 18 years old and older in the South Pasco/North Pinellas County area. All shapes/sizes/colors/backgrounds!!

    "This is for all of us (Married/Single/Old/Young) who are TIRED of spending their evenings sitting at home and watching TV.

    "I am hoping to find that I am not the only one who LOVES old school board games, card games, and just hanging out, HAVING FUN and socializing with other members of the community. Nothing overly competitive, just plain ol' fun with other adults."

    In this spirit, to one and all I say, come and play!

    And here is just a small sampling of some of the games we play: Apples to Apples, Ultimate Outburst, Password, Sorry, Guesstures, Tribond, Brainstrain (newer version is called Hedbanz), Pass the Bomb, Mexican Train (dominoes game), Logo, Inklings, Jeopardy, Stage II, Pictionary, and my own invention, Pictionary with Play-doh!

    And please, always always ALWAYS feel free to bring along your own favorite games! And for those blessed and angelic gamesters who would like to host their own Games Nites at their own places or community rooms/clubhouses, it's super-easy, just contact your friendly Meetup Organizer, namely, me! I'll even teach you how to run a sparkling and happy Games Nite!--George the Organizer, email

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