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It’s very hard to move to Vegas and find the type of genuine friends you sadly had to leave back home. This group is for young adults who moved to Vegas from home, looking to make the same kind of friendships they had to leave behind.
This group is not meant for tourists or anyone trying to live the tourist lifestyle.
This group is directed towards young adults who recently graduated college and are looking to make genuine connections and build their friend group.

If you enjoy music, coffee shops, movie nights, nutrition, exercise, hiking, art, wine nights, occasional nights out drinking, occasional house parties, books, rock climbing, professional networking, brunch, dinner nights, good conversation, meditation, travel and any other category that seems relevant to the above, this is a perfect group for you.

THINGS WE WILL DO: The different types of meetups will be all over the place. I want everyone to have things to enjoy so we will be doing a lot of different things like; Live music events, Book Clubs, Top Golf, Wine and art nights, Bar hopping, Meditation meetups where we will get to know each other and spend time outdoors somewhere and do guided meditation, hiking, Drinks & Networking, Brunches, Fine Dining. We will have therapeutic support type meet ups where there will be different meetup topics where we can converse and give different perspective to each other based on that groups specific topic, House parties, Coffee & Tea, Movie nights, Game nights etc. The sky is the limit and every idea you bring to the table for new meet ups are greatly appreciated!

Depending on what events are coming up, you will be able to decide whether or not that event will be relevant to the activities/crowd you enjoy.

My goal is to set meetups that will give you a successful chance at socializing with individuals you click with who remind you of the friends you miss so much from back home.

This group is really directed towards young adults in their 20s/early 30s who moved to Vegas to start their professional adult lives so please only join if you fit that category. The more you fit the category, the better chance of successful connections!

Any young locals who grew up here, feel free to show all of us new people all of the cool people and places to visit around town!

About me.

Im 24 years old, I moved here in the middle of 2017 from Tucson Arizona. Growing up in Tucson, I made a lot of really good life long friends. By college, I had established a solid group of friends and tons of mutual friends. From age 18-23 I lived right by the U of A campus my life was filled with nonstop partying with my best friends, coffee dates, trips to Mt Lemmon, house parties, local bars where I knew so many faces, I made friends with really amazing people who taught me meditation and really connected with them on a spiritual level. I went to art galleries and concerts at the Rialto, art galleries around campus, shopping dates and tea dates etc. For many years there was really never a dull moment. A lot of my "first time" experiences happened during those years, I was constantly meeting new people and learning the way so many different people live. Ultimately, just like most of you reading this, I had a pretty kick ass college experience. I moved to Vegas to pursue my career as an Event Coordinator and I don't regret my decision for a single second. The only downfall was meeting friends. I'm 24, in a new city where I do not know a single person, working a professional job working with clients from around the world who I will never see again after the event so yeah, its hard to meet people my age who I can see myself being good friends with. I'm not serving at an awesome bar full of young adults, or working at a coffee shop with the coolest of the cool hipsters, or anything of that sort. Luckily I met my new best friend out here completely randomly but without that random encounter, I'm afraid I would still be friendless.. LOL

I hope with this group, we can really bring together like minded young adults who will make genuine friends. Spread the word and lets have some fun!

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