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A walking group to show people new places that many other groups just do not promote and to inspire those who are concerned about walking alone in beautiful areas for various reasons, to enjoy the countryside and views. I have have been leading walks for 15 years or more and I can assure you that my regulars are friendly and welcome anyone, so if you have not joined a group walk before, do not worry, you should have fun. Where possible, a pub is nearby for socialising and refreshment afterwards and there is no joining fee, just a payment each time you come along at weekends. Some midweek walks are organised for free or a small fee.

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Stroll into Staines and back with 60/75 minutes in Staines

The postcode to use is TW18 2SF. A gentle stroll along the Thames, organised by my friend David. It will take 45 minutes to get there and maybe an hour on the way back as we explore Penton Hook island. The rest is back along the same route. Once in Staines you will have time to do as you wish. Go shopping, eat in one of many restaurants or grab a coffee and sit by the river. An agreed time to get back together will be made and if you wish to stay in Staines a bit longer, it is simple to return, or take a bus back to Laleham. Personally, I will take the opportunity to indulge in an indian meal at my favourite local Indian restaurant with David and his group, and have an eat as much you like 3 course buffet for £9, which comes highly recommended by the vast majority of the many people I have taken there before. Always clean and tidy. IT IS A FREE WALK BUT NO DOGS PLEASE. You can call me on[masked]. I hope to see some of you here. Mike

A countryside walk, almost wilderness like in places, in Thorpe

The postcode to use is TW20 8UE. Impassable for most of the year due to flooding, here is an opportunity to see some common land that has recently been allowed to grow naturally and as we pass through, you will be wise to wear long trousers although I got round in shorts with only a few problems on 20th August. Provided that there is not lots of rain making a stream overflow, it should be mostly dry with a few wet patches for about 200 yards. You will see open fields, woods, pass through a shallow gorge, a lake and a few nice houses as well. Lots of wildlife to see and hear and if we are really lucky, perhaps a wild deer will show itself. I did this back in 2016, accompanied by rain but one of the group has requested that I lead this one and I am very happy to oblige. We start from a lovely pub which we visited earlier this year to excellent reviews on the food and atmosphere. Not cheap but very good quality and we are able to use the car park and probably the loos before we leave. NO DOGS AND £3 PLEASE. You can call me on[masked] and easily catch up if you are a few minutes late. So I hope to see lots of you on this Sunday. Mike


Outside Market Stores Pub

This walk is led by Gavin who you may know from the Meetup group -Walking in Surrey and promises to be fun . We will be attending on Friday 11th October (Walking in Surrey will be attending on Friday 4th October). It's a public walk being run every Friday evening in October and costs £6 each on the evening . Bring a torch . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Death, murder and things that go bump in the night! Never before has a combination of Reigate's horrible history, paranormal activity and unexplained events been put together in such a way as the 'Reigate Ghost Walk’. The 90 minute tour takes in haunted buildings, sites of murder and historical nasties. It’s all terribly over-acted and audience participation is encouraged. Gavin has spent an evening in Knight’s department store with Val Hood (a psychic/medium who has appeared in Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’), the Sussex Paranormal Investigation team and the shop’s staff. ‘Why did Knight’s merchandise move around at night? Who is Joshua, and why does the purple lady haunt this store?’ All will be revealed on the Reigate Ghost Walk, as well as many other tales of mystery from beyond the veil. Hear of Reigate's witches, ghosts, hangings and highwaymen. Don’t be surprised to see bats, death watch beetles and black cats. Bring a torch and a strong constitution. You have been warned! THIS IS A PUBLIC WALK AND COSTS £6 EACH ON THE EVENING Reigate Ghost Walk: A HORRIBLE evening out![masked] www.reigateghostwalk.co.uk

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