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Ceremonies can be held in homes, facilities, yoga studio's, Metaphysical stores, and of course, farms! Cacao mediation with horses is the most powerful; Pant, Animal, and Nature.

During a Cacao Ceremony, we first connect to the Cacao through our mind and spirit. We thank and acknowledge the plant for its many blessings.

Each ceremony is different because the participants bring their own energy, openness, and personal journeys. A group discussion begins the ceremony as we introduce ourselves and state our intentions. Vibrations of singing bowls and drumming contribute to the guided visualization, enhancing and deepening the ceremony while creating a beautiful space in which each participant can explore. Perhaps you have heartache that needs healing. Or, maybe you are looking for guidance and direction, or ways to unleash your creativity. The warm mug of ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacao elixir (pure chocolate medicine) is received as we sit back and allow the transformation to begin.

With cacao as your facilitator, expect your heart to be opened, your emotions to flow, ideas to come, and healing to happen.

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