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Wellness for Women – ready to make some changes?
Join us for an awesome night of learning and fun!
Mind, Body, Soul

Learn about easy techniques to help with anxiety, depression, weight loss, addictions and more through Angels of Anxiety program, specializing in Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Having experienced it first hand with her daughter, Petrina knows the devastating effects mental health can have on a family. Through simple ways that are natural, she found solutions and wants to show others ways to cope , naturally.
• Gut health
• Nutrition
• Natural remedies
• Why affirmations don’t work
• How your brain is working against you and how to change that
• Guided meditation for balancing chakras

Learn about what dangerous chemicals you are putting on your skin with H2 beauty expert Helen Cranstoun . Helen has been a long time advocate for fair trade, ethical buying, teaching about child labour practices and many other causes. Upon learning about the lack of regulations on the beauty industry here in Canada, she began her journey with promoting wellness and how to ensure everyone is using safe products on their bodies and in their homes she will educate you all so you can then make better, safer and beneficial choices for your family.
• Learn about the bad chemicals that are in many of our daily products and how they harm us
• Learn what products are healthy for your skin (samples to take home!)
• Beautycounter products and overview of their ingredients and safety
• Sunscreen facts and fiction

Susan Lee will teach us about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blockages in the mind and body are the main cause of illnesses and diseases. The balance and alignment of the yin and yang energies in all levels are tantamount to a healthy self.
• How acupuncture works
• Chinese medicine, what is the difference from Western medicine?
• Working with your changing hormones


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