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First Group Class(Yoga, Meditation) FREE!

Welcome to our New World Wellness Yoga & Mystery School Meetup Group! As a new practitioner you will receive first notification of all of our new classes, workshops, and events! This will entitle you to many of the discounted preregistration prices! In addition, we invite you to come in and take your first group class at New World Wellness free! Please see our detailed Class Schedule on our website.

We look forward to meeting and practicing with you to create a New World! New World Wellness will offer a wide variety of Events and Workshops at our modern day "Mystery School". This concept is based on the "Mystery Schools" of ancient Egypt, where practitioners of diverse modalities would gather to share, teach, and learn all of the understandings that they had acquired. Members of this group will receive information on workshops and events offered at our Mystery School first and be offered special preregister pricing. At New World Wellness we believe in an integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. Our practices are natural and complimentary to other health regimes.

Community is important to us, and we are excited to provide a supportive, peaceful, and nurturing atmosphere where people can begin to align themselves with their own healing abilities while learning, growing, and connecting with others through group classes, workshops, and other events. Our world is so important. We are each a part of this world, and we are each equally important. As we become healthier so will our families, friends, and communities. The ripple effect of health and wellness spreads out from ourselves into the world and into the Universe as a whole. Thus, by becoming healthier ourselves, we change the world making it a better place. Members will enjoy ongoing: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, & Meditation Group Classes. See full list of scheduled events and group classes at


New World Wellness will tailor a wellness plan specifically for you that can include group classes, workshops, enrichment counseling, and hypnotherapy. Please call to set up a consultation for creating your personalized wellness package. Fees to be determined upon consultation. We invite you to visit our unique gift shop where we sell healthy inspired items. It has been our mission to seek out locally made, fair-trade, and eco-conscious gifts and products to make your shopping experience with New World Wellness truly unique. Some of our products include, but are not limited to: various singing bowls, hand-crafted essential oils, locally produced natural honey and herbal teas, stones and crystals, handmade jewelry, books and kits, wind chimes, inspirational décor, children’s gifts, Meditation supplies, Yoga supplies, and much more!

We have been on a quest to create something truly different and so have opened our doors to local artists to sell their creations and crafts. If you or someone you know are interested in featuring artwork or products in our store, please contact us.

Members of this group will receive information first regarding discounts and sales offered on a variety of gift shop items. We are all living in a point in time where we must make a choice to be a part of a New World that believes strongly in responsibility, support, connection, preservation, growth, healing, and peace as any alternative to this choice will only continue to lead us to more suffering both individually and globally.

This is your time, and it is NOW. This is your invitation. Come join us in creating a healthier you…and a healthier world.

Upcoming events (5+)

Gentle Yoga Wellness

New World Wellness

Join Rebecca Campbell, RYT for Gentle Yoga Wellness and start the week off right! This class is comprised of beginning centering, breath work, gentle warm-ups, various yoga poses (suitable for those just beginning practice, returning from an injury, or just wanting a lovely practice), relaxation, and closing intention.

Breath, Body, Bliss w/Kelly Crompton, RYT

New World Wellness


A flowing yoga class open to students of all levels with a focus on using the breath to bothinvigorate and relaxthe body. Explore or deepen your practice through a combination of Hatha and vinyasa yoga designed to help cultivate a peaceful mind and body. Melt into Monday night with a smile on your face :) Kelly Crompton, RYT leads this class with her fun, loving & energetic style!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga W/Craig

New World Wellness

This class will be a flowing series of poses designed to stretch, strengthen and tone the body while relaxing the mind. This practice incorporates sun salutations, twists, forward bends, back bends, yoga nidra, breath work, and amazing adjustments. Vinyasa Flow Yoga will leave you energized, de-stressed, and ready for whatever the day will bring. All levels welcome, especially for students ready to take their practice to a new level This class is every Tuesday Night @ 6:00

Restorative Yin Yoga W/Craig

New World Wellness

Join us at for this amazing class with Craig. This Restorative yin yoga class is designed to improve flexibility, de-stress, and calm the mind. Props are used as well as increasing holding times, and breath work to loosen the connective tissues underneath the muscles to increase flexibility and overall wellness. Class will consist of centering, asanas (postures), prananyama(breathing Exercise). This Class is Every Tuesday Night @ 7:15P No RSVP Required

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