Transform Your Meetings from Pointless to Productive with Philiy Lander

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We're proud and excited to present our exclusive preview of Philiy Lander's session "Transform Your Meetings from Pointless to Productive" before her debut at this year's Scrum Gathering in London.


“Meetings are pointless;” “We have too many meetings;” “Meetings get in the way of real work.”

Sound familiar?

These are some of the responses received through a survey of teams, ScrumMasters and Agile coaches when asked: "what is the most common complaint you hear from teams about meetings?"

These quotes are symptoms caused by a typical anti-pattern that teams fall into: Going through the motions of a meeting or Scrum event and not feeling any value.

However, all is not lost — this problem can be solved by developing your core ScrumMaster skill of facilitation.

This workshop has been crafted from the survey data to help solve the biggest meeting problems facing ScrumMasters and teams today.

Come learn how to support your teams to do their best thinking and feel achievement in meetings.


Be able to articulate what facilitation is and what the benefits are
Learn what the most common complaints about meetings are and how to solve them

Visualize stages of a decision-making meeting and get hands-on experience of using techniques to help teams move through each stage

Attendees will leave this session with practical tips, tools, and knowledge that they can use to help their teams tomorrow


Philiy has been working with teams of people helping them deliver creative products and services for over a decade. Philiy’s tech career began as a QA on a waterfall project she quickly began searching for a better way of working and discovered Agile and Scrum. It was love at first sight and since then Philiy’s passion to make working lives better has driven her to continuously develop her Agile knowledge and skills in Professional Coaching, Training and Facilitation.

For Philiy, everything Agile coaches do is underpinned by Professional Coaching skills and the Neuroscience that underpins coaching skills. To truly facilitate large scale and lasting change we have to understand how human beings change on a personal level and work with that natural process.

Philiy is a CSP, Barefoot Personal & Business Coaching Graduate, International Coaching Federation Member and is currently working on her thesis for an MA in Personal & Business coaching. Philiy took part in a ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ programme with noted author and coach Amy Brann. Philiy is also part of the Training from the back of the room Certified Trainer Team

Philiy has worked extensively with scrum teams and leaders across multiple industries. Today, Philiy is an Agile Coach working with the team leading an agile transition at a global organization of 20,000+ employees.


18:00 - 18:30: Arrivals & Pizza
18:30 - 19:45: Session
19.45 - 20:30: Post session networking