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This is a group for anyone who is interested in designing and developing rockets and rocket engines (solid/liquid/hybrid) and be part of an amateur space launch organization with the goal of developing our very own space program and launch suborbital rockets.

Aerospace engineering, or rocket science, is a multidisciplinary field and as space race 2.0 heats up exponentially with each year; it is ripe for amateur led innovation and adventure. It used to be unheard of to reach space with an amateur built rocket. However, latest advancements in computing, materials, 3d printing, software etc have made space accessible to small teams. Many amateur organizations around the world have designed and launched rockets that have broken through the earth-space barrier; the Karman line.

These advancements in technology miniaturization have given birth to a new era of small, compact satellites which will dominate the launch market and satellite industry for the next decade and beyond. Answering the call; small, nimble launch startups are coming into existence and developing rocket engines and launch vehicles.

It is an exciting time in the human journey to explore the final frontier; from solar system to the cosmos.

In this group, like minded people, from any discipline, will come together and develop an amateur space program. The eventual goal would be to design, develop, test and launch a liquid bi-propellant rocket capable of suborbital flight, right from our very own New York.

Anyone, despite your current knowledge, understanding and relevant field, is welcome to join, participate and learn.

Although the eventual goal is to design and launch a liquid bi-prop rocket, the path we will take is of learning by doing and experimenting. We will take on fun, challenging and informative projects as we go which we will make sure are engaging to people of all skills and ages.

Some of the areas we will work on: liquid bi-propellant rocket engine design, testing and development, high altitude balloons, high frequency telemetry and data acquisition, learning and teaching aerospace and control systems math, thrust vectoring, attitude and heading reference systems, high speed embedded computing, orbital mechanics, control theory, 3d printing, machining, fabrication and prototyping, satellite design, software defined radio, model rocketry, coding: control systems, data analysis, machine learning and AI etc and much more.

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