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Yoga for the Wounded Heart
Through a heart-opening sequence, mindfulness techniques, and group work, this four-part series will explore the healing tools of our practice of yoga. Our emotional wounds can profoundly affect our daily lives, as well as our ability to forge connections with others and experience genuine freedom. The tradition of yoga offers both a philosophical perspective as well as a practical path towards presence, and hence towards healing that which keeps us from presence. Join philosopher, yoga instructor, and award-winning writer Tatiana Forero Puerta in this class based on her book, Yoga for the Wounded Heart: A Philosophy, Practice, and Journey of Healing Emotional Pain (Lantern Books, 2018). Together, we will dive deeper into what is available on the yogic path but also explore a practical application to the yogic tools of healing our precious hearts. No previous experience with yoga necessary; just the curiosity to go within. RSVP Here: A note from lillian: Tatiana is a long time client, a graduate of my practictioner training and an absolutely amazing yoga teacher, especially for those who have struggled with mental/ emotional challenges. I hope you can all attend. For more info visit:

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