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This specific meetup announcement is simply a place for people to suggest and discuss topics that might be good candidate for future meetups of Cafe Philo. This announcement itself will not have an actual meeting.

Simply post a comment on any topic category or specific question you would like to see discussed.

The intent is not to enter into a full discussion of these topics here, but to discuss them enough so people can get a better feel for what the topic might encompass. And certainly there can be discussion of how to broaden or narrow a topic to enhance the eventual in-person discussions.

There won't be any voting on topics here. Okay, sure, you CAN vote, but any preferences expressed here will not be binding on the persons attending actual Cafe Philo meetings where the actual suggestion and voting of topics occurs.

We will start over with a blank slate for this discussion every three months or so. The previous discussions are of course archived, but the most recent version will be kept reasonably fresh.