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New York, NY

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Apr 6, 2011


Darleen & Gregg Jobson-Larkin, proud parents. "I am an At-Home Dad and Father to 5 loving contributing global citizens: Julien Comillious/4yr., Jon Luc/8yr., James Tiberius/9yr., Jaylin Halo/11yr., & Benjamin Gregory/29yr. We love forward."

How did you learn about our NYC Dads Group?

Darleen has an associate in Sunny Moms Group, and they communicate about Dad-centered Meetup events. They exchanged this NYC Dads Group link. Her assistant researched Lance Somerfeld's and Matt Schneider's group and passed on recommendations. My wife said,"You really should go." and presented an opportunity event that she thought would be really interesting. It was an independent film screening, and since I'm into media and not so much the beer, I thought that, "I could always bring water!" It has been an illuminating experience ever since, and well worth the every moment. :-)

Where are you located in NYC? Please be specific (i.e. Park Slope, Brooklyn or West Village, Manhattan)

The Jobson-Larkin clan reside in several locations, specifically: Richmond Hill, Queens (after Sandy); Queens Village (renovation), Midtown (BCG office @MetLife building), and Bermuda (migration in-process). Recently we've been commuting in through Richmond Hill, Queens.

How old is your child/children?

Julien Comillious/5yr. ,Jon Luc/8, James Tiberius/10, Jaylin Halo/12 and Benjamin Gregory/29. It seems, boys are all we produce, God bless 'em all, every one!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Conceived in Bermuda, born in Jamaica Queens, NY, educated in public schools and CUNY colleges, yet of Ethiopian/Bermudian and Cherokee/Irish decent; the little about myself is as diverse as my DNA suggests. A United States Nuclear Powered Submarine Veteran, a graduate studies media consultant, a doctoral studies theologian; all point towards who I may be, but do not summate who I am. I am interested, however, in just being father to my sons, husband to my spouse, friend to a stranger, and not a stranger to a friend. I am that, I am.

We enjoy engaging on social media via @NYCDadsGroup. What (if any) is your Twitter/Instagram handle?

Twitter: @darleenandgregg