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Thought-sketching: Using Visuals for Ideation, Capture & Reflection

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Thought-sketching: Using Visuals for Ideation, Capture & Reflection


Here’s the opportunity to learn the Bikablo visualization technique which thousands of people apply to create better meetings and projects. Explore basic marker skills for your flip chart, whiteboard, and digital recording. Develop your visual vocabulary—pictograms, containers, graphic elements and figures. Use simple combination techniques to create thoughtsketches. Learn to make ideas, differing views, problems, questions, processes, and project progress visible to accelerate results.

Session Outcomes:
apply the Bikablo thought process technique to their work through drawing three thoughtsketches
use new marker skills to draw six or more of the pictograms they learn in this session in each of the three final drawings
name two work situations that would benefit from people seeing their ideas, questions, plans, etc.

Session leader: Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D. is an alchemist. She integrates her deep knowledge of instructional design, Accelerated Learning, and visualization into all of her work—training, facilitation, and coaching. Her expertise lies in designing experiences through using her unique visualizing process. She holds a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, is a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, and the US member of the bikablo Global Trainer Team.

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