Stoic Week 2015 Debriefing

This is a past event

11 people went

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On this final day of Stoic Week 2015 (, we'll share our experiences and have an open discussion and Q&A on how Stoic Week 2015 went for those of us who participated.

Here's an outline of what we'll be doing at next meetup:

• First, we'll read and discuss the quotes for each day and then share and compare our results from each day's main exercise

• Then, we'll discuss our overall experiences with Stoic Week 2015 as well as Stoic practice in general

• Finally, we'll have an open Q&A on any and all aspects of Stoicism as a whole

I'll also try to bring a computer if people need help filling out their psychometric forms if needed.

To prepare, think of a few questions you have or experiences you'd like to share. What was your favorite exercise or topic during Stoic Week 2015? What didn't work so well for you?

While the bulk of this meetup will be focused on Stoic Week 2015, people who did not participate are welcome to attend, since you may still get something out of our review of the Stoic Week material and there will be time at the end to discuss Stoicism in general.