Brooklyn, NY

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Jan 7, 2013


Hi! I've found out about Stoicism through its link to cognitive-behavioral therapy and discovered there's a small but vibrant modern Stoic community. I've been practicing Stoicism since 2011.

What do you hope to get from this meetup?

First and foremost, I hope to meet people who are interested in Stoic practice in the NYC area. I also hope that I'll get support in my practice as well as some external motivation to learn more about Stoicism.

How familiar are you with Stoicism or Hellenistic philosophy?

I'm somewhat familiar with it. I've read many of the Stoic philosophers as well as some Aristotle, Epicuruean philosophy, and have some familiarity with the Cynics and Skeptics.

How familiar are you with philosophy in general? Please be specific as to your experience and preferred areas of philosophy, if any.

While I don't have much formal background, I consider philosophy a major hobby of mine and a strong influence on my life. My favorite areas of study are epistemology, logic, and ethics. I strongly prefer the analytic approach to philosophy, although I do appreciate some Continental philosophy. I have some understanding of modern logic and metaethics. I'm a strong fan of JD Trout and Michael Bishop's "strategic reliablism" in epistemology. Meta-ethically, I'm aligned more with the ethical anti-realists. How I harmonize ethical anti-realism with Stoicism's virtue ethics would take some explaining, but it's not as hard as it may first appear.