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Do you have a desire to be more relaxed, creative and free to fulfill your soul purpose? Are you a natural sensitive who is challenged to be of service without burnout? How incredible would it be to instantly release tension or anxiety?

What if you discovered you are a lot more psychic/ intuitive than you realized? Experience how powerful you are when you join forces with others to share healing energy. Expand your ability to manifest without effort what you NEED and WANT in life.

Creating Inner Peace has been the hallmark focus of the curriculum of the Americana Leadership College, Inc.® and Inner Peace Movement® Programs for over 45 years. Go to www.alcworld.com or www.soul2soulliving.com.


Dr. Paul Kellogg and Rev. Susan Kellogg are spearheading this unique inner peace adventure here in New york City and have over 75 years of combined experience in consultation and seminar facilitation. They have inspired a family of five old souls to live ever evolving lives of abundance, achievement and fulfilling fun.

Whether it is becoming your own best psychic, being a clearer channel for healing forces or having a conscious, direct two-way communication with inner guidance (Guides, Helpers, Angels, etc.), you will come to know the high energy of continuing self-understanding with the IPM experience.

Among the techniques you can learn and practice are Energy Elevator, Love Feast, Thought Transference, Intuitive Impressions, Vibration Gauge and Group Cleansing to:

• Uplift and maintain your clear, relaxed, balanced energy in any situation.

• Consistently discern influencing energies: What is me? What is not me? What can I do about it!

• Master your unique combination of the four Spiritual and psychic perceptions: Intuition (clairaudience), Vision (clairvoyance), Prophecy (precognition) and Feeling (psychometry)

• Establish personalized systems for asking questions, instantly receiving answers from your team of Master Souls, and trusting yourself with that direction.

• Easily cut through negative or confusing forces with laser-beam focus, and tune yourself into a meditation in action which can channel positive, creative solutions.

Ongoing techniques classes and group work, specialized retreats and seminars, professional leadership training, and private consultations are all part the services offered by ALC and IPM.

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