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Special Valentines Day Event- 150 Person Chaos Cooking

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One of our members, Joe Che reached out to me about an interesting event that he will be hosting on Valentines Day. The goal is to have 150 people cook simultaneously, It sounds like an interesting, fun, and well chaotic good time :)

Event Details:

$10 for Chaos Cooking Community before Jan 20th.
$20 after
Proceeds go towards space rental, electric oven rentals, DJ, decorations, etc.

Sizzling details:
* BYO everything -- knives, cutting boards, pots + pans, recipe ingredients, attitude!
* Everyone must cook a dish to share, bring a bottle of wine to pour, and help restore the space to its original condition
* Come on your own or come as a pair
* Wear strawberry, cream or chocolate, dress delicious!

DJ Misbehavior spinning while you’re cooking.

Babeland will be handing out naughty, fruity treats to those that that brought a Valentine or met one to help you turn the oven on.

Chaos Cooking: A social community centered around cooking + conversation. Everyone brings the ingredients to make a tasty dish of their choice, cooks together and then helps restore the space to its original condition. Please bring a bottle of wine or something else to drink and share; we'll provide warm ovens, work surfaces, a chilled glass of bubbly and a fun setting.

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