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The party were greeted by Angels from Oghma and Selune with news of a major realignment with the Justicemaker relieved of his command and the God of War Tempus elevated As his first act in command he designated the Justicemaker a General and Head of the Aerial Command. As his second act he embarked on a series of diplomatic missions to engage additional allies for the coming clash with the forces of Asmodeus. As part of this effort he would embrace Elven and Dwarven powers and would even entertain a discussion with the Goddess Lilith. He sent two angels including one of his Angels and a angel of Torm to communicate to the party their role. They would be expected to provide support in the war and to help with diplomatic missions. He granted his blessing on the agreement that the Demonsbane party had with the Cult to assassinate high ranking officers or necromancers from the allied fiend armies. Before the angels left the party paladin asked for a favor for a prayer of forgiveness, humility and steadfastness to be spread over all the Churches of Torm and Bahamut which was very appropriate for the times and a thoughtful gesture to heal the recent wounds that had been opened. Tempus also indicated that he would honor the previous promise by the Justicemaker to grant high powered magic items to the Demonsbane party. Due to a unique development on another plane, most of the Justicemaker's hoard of magic items had been depleted. Most of the magic items would be supplied by the Cult and in return the Cult asked for two quests. They would need the support of the Demonsbane party to free their Dragon Queen and they would need a quest on a faraway plane that was shrouded in secrecy. The only detail that was known was that Tyr's soldiers were also fighting on that plane and it appeared to be a nefarious plot with the potential extinction of multiple planes. As promised within 24 hours the Botanist arrived with a hoard of rare magic items which greatly expanded the offensive and defensive power of the Demonsbane party. He also had the details for the parties next mission. They would work with the Cult to slay the #3 ranking leader of the Church of Bane, an 18th level Cleric who was protected at all times by a group of three beholders. The Cleric was en route to the city of Ch'Chtl near the Sword Coat Mountains outside of Waterdeep and would be intercepted. Two ancient dragons were supplied to assist the party, the Collector who the party had previously met and the Butcher, a red dragon with powerful vorpal claws. The bloody battle lasted all of two rounds. The cleric was slain, disintegrated and his ashes burned. He was gone forever and the dragons authorized the payment to the party as they had fulfilled the conditions of the agreement to the letter. The party were teleported to the Politicians castle to receive their gold in payment DM Award. Powers changed, but Demonsbane remained a key player and appeared likely to have a key role in the diplomatic challenges that lay ahead. A major strategic quandary was apparent with the fiendish armies plotting attacks on smaller sovereigns that did not have protection pacts with the Cult. Would the party be able to save them? XP Award 4607 + 500 in game

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