Hi guys, I have wedding-planning brain and also a wedding-planning level of crap in my email inbox and that is why I have done nothing for this meetup yet. In fact I do not completely recall who we decided would present this time.

So I am postponing a week. The meetup is now on May 14. I'm sorry if that throws a wrench in anyone's plans. Very, very sorry. In June all the wedding stuff will be over and I will become a less terrible organizer, I promise.

There is also another change that is beyond my control. Thanks to Marion for writing up the following location-change reminder:


Due to the fact that S'Nice Coffee Shop is (sadly) going out of business, we will now be meeting just a few doors away at

Think Coffee, 73 8th Ave, West Village

Just one block south of the intersection of 14th Street and 8th Ave.We plan to have a large table in the far back section.

If you were supposed to present this week and still want to present on the 14th, please let me know. Or if you are newly available for this date, please also let me know.

Again, very sorry for the scheduling problems.


"Burt" has said he can present a short piece. Marion is potentially available but may have a scheduling issue. So, still accepting volunteers. :-)

Michelle is also presenting this week.


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