Holiday Key Signing Party

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Happy Holidays, folks! Let's get paranoid!

This month we're focusing on security. George Brocklehurst ( will be giving an introductory talk/workshop on PGP, and afterward we'll be hosting a key signing party (! As ever, thoughtbot will be providing pizza and beer.

George will be presenting on PGP: creating a key, uploading it, signing keys, the web of trust, and sending encrypted mail.

We may also have a brief lightning talk on integrating PGP with Gnus.

For the key signing party, please remember to bring:

• A couple forms of photo identification

• Your key's fingerprint, if you've already set one up

• Pencil and paper or a laptop, to record others' key IDs

Don't worry if you don't already have a key; George's talk should get you all set up. If you'd like to create your key and try out PGP beforehand, though, check out Caleb Thompson's terrific blog post, PGP and You (

Finally, please remember to RSVP! The building's security is a little paranoid, and everything will be much easier if your name is on the guest list.