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In this meetup group, we will cover the basics of emotional intelligence, the role it plays in human behavior and consistently practice new, more efficient ways to work with all our emotions, in real time.

Emotional intelligence is the next frontier for human evolution and we believe that we can integrate technology, emotions, and intelligence of how to use our emotions as intuitive allies to evolve in our personal and collective journey.

Join this group if you want to:
- Understand why we have emotions
- Converse with people about your emotions and behavior for group advice and feedback
- Have a community of strong powerful people that know being vulnerable and discussing emotions is a superpower, not a something that makes you weak

Disclaimer: This group is about sharing emotional intelligence skills through self-taught studies, psychology books, and cognitive behavioral therapy tools. In no way am I a doctor or licensed therapist. Through my experience and healing my mental and emotional states to achieve a baseline of understanding, and the abundance of information we have access to today, I plan to share a curated research perspective.

About the organizer:
After hitting a mental breakdown post business school, I rose to my personal evolution and healing through switching to a whole food plant based lifestyle and then focusing on the holistic aspect of living- emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of human life.

Before this I ran three Whole Food Plant-Based Education Meetups in NYC, Queens and Houston Texas (1200+ all together), with one event each month. Since then, I gave those groups away to take more time to study emotions and psychology. I believe in the ladder of healing, emotions cause 90% of all the toxic disruption we see today. Join this group and let's become equipped with the tools we need to live happily.

About Internal Wheel: Internal Wheel is a startup focusing on helping you process your emotions. They provide a peace mist line and weekly group phone calls to discuss emotions in a safe place. Visit www.internalwheel.com.

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