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Energy Astrology is the unique system of working with chakras (the energy centers in the body) and planets in our astrology map (horoscope).
It means that vibrational inscription of a certain event, situation or relationship that the person experiences is written in our horoscope and once we understand from which planet and aspect is this event coming we can use Energy Astrology practice to bring this into balance and also turn this energy to work for us.
Magnetic coding that occurs at birth influences the person throughout his or her life trough energy centers – the chakras. They represent fields of subtle energy in which thoughts, emotions and energy turn into matter. It also reveals that everything that happens is already contained within us, through the subtle magnetic coding in our energy centers (chakras). Therefore, by changing that internal rhythm, outer circumstances and events can be changed as well.
The direct link between chakras and certain mental, emotional and event level allows us to identify where problematic energy is locked. If this energetic disbalance is healed, events will change at the same time as the psychological and physiological problems that spring from them. It can be said that the chakra is a physiological gate through which mental, energetic and emotional reality is turned into physical reality.
The quality of our life is directly linked to the state of each chakra (planet), to the level of its development and the quality of its functioning, because these energy centers represent the level of physiology at which consciousness turns into matter. By scanning chakras with chakra planetary test and natal horoscope you can immediately see the areas of life that will contain problems. Therefore this represents the basis for fast energetic diagnosis and healing.
We have inherited energy structure the same we have inherited physical structure. The rules of energy astrology couching give detailed insight into the functioning of each of these ten centers (planets). By improving the quality of functioning of each chakra, we evolve and develop finer levels of consciousness that make possible much more freedom. When we systematically work with our life energy then what we call crisis becomes an energy source, fuel that helps us overcome obstacles which, in turn, become stepping stones on our future path. The main goal of working on energy centers is to increase the level of consciousness. Each chakra is connected with different spiritual lessons and challenges on the path of evolution and during the process of maturing the Soul. Recognizing these energies and consciously working with them gives us an opportunity to choose whether our challenges will be damaging or they will bring us complete regeneration and awakening of our body, mind, emotions and consciousness.

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