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! New York Ethnic Food Lovers and activities !

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New York City is the ethnic food and culinary as well as the culture CAPITAL CITY of the world. As the greatest "Melting Pot " in the world, we are blessed with the rich traditions of diverse and authentic ethnic foods and cultures.

The most delicious city in America is being reinvented and revitalized. We not only finds the best Ethnic restaurants in New York for you , We also take you there! .

! New York Ethnic Food Lovers and activities

The food and culture that are celebrated by millions of new and old immigrants who are bonded by the nations, culture, religion, language origins from all over the world yet we can share the world foods and culture be it Asian, African, American, European, Latina, Middle Eastern but without ever leaving the NYC five boroughs.

! New York Ethnic Food Lovers and activities

As a food tasting, sharing as well as social networking group we also try to make social group deals/discount for our food and dinning group and we will announce them in a timely manner. This group is all about ethnic foods, cooking, dining out as a group as well as to be a group that offers rich cultural, anthropology, languages experience and you can also have some some wonderful friendship, singles through food and dinning - we are going to EAT/dine ethnic food and learn each others' culture through food.

Join us for our next Ethnic Food Lovers Eat OUT!

New York Is the best city to do this! With only a short subway ride, We can expand our rich cuisines of Malaysia, Pakistan, Armenia, New Guinea, Surinam, Haiti, Ecuador, Poland, Bulgaria, Central Asia, West Africa, and many more-not to mention regional American cooking-all within the boundaries of New York City.

Disclaimer, some of the ethnic food we eat out may pose some dangers to your diet plans due to their food's high content in fat (or non-fat), spices, exotic ingredients as well as their foods' un-orthodox appearances, labels, names, aromas, presentations! Eat at your own risks!!!

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If you rsvp YES to an event, please honor that YES rsvp by actually showing up, especially at dining events where there is a restaurant reservation involved. If you are unable to make it to a scheduled event, thus keeping you from joining us, please be considerate to your event host and fellow members by updating your rsvp at least 1 day before the event is scheduled to start. Please remember that this group has a no-show/same day cancel policy - 3 strikes and you're out of the group!

To Join US:

We need you to have a real profile picture, a picture of an animal or no picture will not be approved .

Something Funny for our members to Read :)

The Meaning of "Ethnic" Food

The Random House Dictionary definition of ethnic is:

Pertaining to or characteristic of a people, especially a group (ethnic group) sharing a common
and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.

If we apply this definition to the term ethnic food, we lump every single style of cooking from every single region of the world. Whether it is popularized cuisine from countries like France, Italy, Spain, or China, or lesser known cuisine from countries like Ethiopia, Columbia, or Vietnam, they are forced together under "ethnic food".

Now, using common sense, we know that when people use this term they are not speaking about every single food preparation in the world. My question is this: What are people referring to when they say "ethnic food"?

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