What we're about

Calling all people who use ethnography in their jobs, in their studies, in their lives—let’s share our interests, approaches, passions, stories, and challenges!

We hope to bring together a group of people from all careers, fields, and walks of life who employ or enjoy ethnography, and want to share and hone the practice.

We will begin as an informal Meetup group––not necessarily for professional development, but for connecting and making friends with like-minded people, and allow the group to unfold organically. Team ethnographies? Data workshopping? We are opening to evolving with the interests of the ethnographers in the group.

What is ethnography?

Ethnography is a research method that helps analyze and understand how people make sense of the world around them. Grounded in qualitative tools like interviews and participant-observation, ethnography involves looking closely a certain group of people—a “culture” (be that an NYC happy hour, an isolated tribe, private jet owners, a subway car, or any grouping) and trying to represent the processes, ideas, values, and systems around which humans in that culture orient themselves.

Everyone is an ethnographer. Every time you walk into a restaurant and are unsure what to do—seat yourself or wait to be seated?—you are performing a “flash" ethnography to try to respond to the “local" seating culture.

Ethnography is generally seen as a research method, not a field of inquiry—ethnographers are anthropologists, doctors, engineers, sociologists, urban planners, consultants, designers, writers, educators, etc.

About the Founder

Jacob has a master's in linguistic anthropology and currently works in brand strategy. He uses both participant observation and long-form interviews on the job. He is eager to meet and share stories with medical anthropologists, sociologists, social psychologists, artists, activists, UX researchers, designers, etc.—anyone who uses ethnography at all!

Upcoming events (1)

Eats with Ethnographers - Second Meetup

60 2nd Ave

Hi everyone! Excited to announce our second meetup. Location: The Black Ant (60 2nd Av, New York). Mexican restaurant in Noho/East Village. Reservation will be under my name (Jacob). We had a great first meetup at Somtum Der! It was really exciting to hear the range of ways that people have used ethnography in their careers, academic research, etc. And we had some interesting discussions on the future of ethnography, including what data science might (or might not) have to offer! Looking forward to seeing some new faces. We will definitely take the opportunity to begin brainstorming new formats for our meetups--I would love to have everyone's input. Please let me know by Wednesday the 20th if you are able to attend. If for some reason you said you are attending, but cannot at the last minute, please send me a message. (Our table could be given away if less people show up than I have reserved for).

Past events (1)

Dinner & Discourse - First Meetup!

Somtum Der