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Life and Relationship Coaching Workshop
Autumn Journey... Temperatures have begun their gradual decline, and the days continue to get shorter. The colors of autumn fluctuate between fiery shades of anger, yellow bursts of hope, and withered surrender. As the sun seems to sneak away from us, it’s easy to become withdrawn in a world which seems so dark and cold. Shake those doldrums, bundle up, and come out and meet with us, where we can connect, encourage, and motivate one another. New life is not out of reach! This is a chance for us to gather together and share the stories of our individual experiences, to find a unique, common bond which joins, warms, and strengthens us. Make new friends. Bring old friends. Let’s move beyond the negative energy and discover the hope inside each one of us. Life coaching is a process of motivating our energy levels, raising our consciousness, and increasing awareness of purpose and identity. We look forward to sharing some positivity and warmth! We will explore a number of topics: -Identity -Sexuality -Life Purpose -Mental Health -Relationships: Intimate, familiar, friends -Career -Mentoring -Judgement -Energy Blocks -Success and many more All sessions help gay men tap into their higher purpose and find a connection with their primary relationship: the one they have with themselves. The objective is to identify direction, purpose, and a goal for each of us to focus our anabolic energy on. Men suffering from depression or anxiety are encouraged to attend, as we will be focusing our energy on engaging the ego that moves someone through depressive episodes. As your coach, you can find information about my coaching style, methods, and background at We will be tackling very personal issues in deep, meaningful conversations, so we will need to be receptive, respectful, and compassionate to everyone participating in the workshop.

Shetler Studios & Theatres

244 West 54th Street · New York, NY

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New York Gay Life Coaching Group is a group directly connecting gay men with resources, information, inspiration, meditation, and guidance towards a more engaged and powerful future. Imagine having positive relationships, engaging work dynamics, and less stress, depression, and anxiety. Being able to connect with someone is challenging, being able to develop a healthy, positive sexual and romantic relationship is damn near impossible in today's gay culture and climate. We work to build the skills necessary to have the most rewarding opportunities and to feel inspired.

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