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This is a group for meet new people who is actually practice the Law of Attraction and talk about it over the tasty food, wine or at park, at cafe...!

I found beautiful method about "How to create my own life"
and get excited, practice it but Fail... Get up, try again but the Reality of the life hits me, but still I would like to believe I am the power of source. and I want to see the life that I create the way I want to see.

Then, hit this,
- If I have a chance to meet people Actually doing same things in their life but Yet they feel they haven't achieved the level they want, struggling to keep their Feeling good ALL THE TIME.

I would love to talk to them!! I want to listen how they are doing, what they have tried. I want to talk to them what I am doing, what I have been. Encourage each other we are doing good!

Also, I want to have friends who can Help me, Rescue me from when I'm falling too much to the physical reality. and I would love to help them as well.
Because I am doing this by myself. Read books, watching youtube etc...

I simply would like to meet people and share story or/and encourage each other.

Talk, Talk, Talk!
I want to know what you put in to your Vortex! I want to know for my Data/Vortex! and I want you to get your Data/Vortex from somebody's Vortex!!

This group will NOT post any Seminar or any Meditation or anything like that event.
and I do not want to have a member who is intended to post anything like that.

A few things to note:

1) Member to become : Please promise us you are ALL YES! below questions.

1-You have read any of book written about "The Law of Attraction" by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks and Have knowledge about Abraham
2-Do you believe you are the creator of your Life? Are you ready to be a Receiving mode?
3-Living/Trying to live every moment of your life based on what you FEEL, how your FEEL. Plugged in!! Not based on what you think. Not what you think you should. Not what you have, or have been.

2) Events: All events will be designed to Friendship.

3) If you've RSVP'd to at least 2 Meetups, and fail to show up without changing your RSVP and/or notifying me of your absence, I reserve the right to remove you from the group.

4) If you’re been a member of the group for six months and haven’t RSVP’d or attended a single event, then I reserve the right to remove you from the group.

Organizer reserves the right to remove members at her discretion.

5) Capped RSVP's: For any meetup that has a limited number of spots (like dinner reservations), I’m going to ask that you only RSVP for one such event PER MONTH. This won’t really impact most of you, and I’m still going to try to focus on meetups that aren’t capped (i.e. cafe, picnic, park or bar etc.).

If all this sounds good to you, then join the group of creators of Life! :)

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