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What is Life-Coaching?

Well, who advises you the most? The answer is actually: YOU! Life-Coaching helps you do this: BETTER! It is not psychotherapy.

Life-Coaching can help you with these concerns:

• Emotional Upsets Regarding Medical Issues;

• Education Help for Students K-12: and parents, and college students: homework, falling grades, behavior problems, term papers, study-habits, tutoring, S.A.T. exams, college applications....;

• Those struggling with important decisions: Regarding work, personal life, dating, parenting, transitions, career, education, family, re-locating.

• Want to Stop Smoking?

• Stressed, Worried, Angry: Stress and Anger Management Reduction, Coping Skills.

• Those Dating: Whether using online dating or in person, dating is an anxious, difficult task and important: Choosing correctly, not being rejected, what to say? when? satisfying each other's needs/wants, without losing yourself...etc. Handling the sexual interactions, and help for building a supportive, caring, relationship.

• Improve Sexual Satisfaction: Good sex is not only enjoyable but good for your health. Here is help for mutual, non-selfish, sexual love making. How to talk about it with your partner so that the negative, non-spoken feelings do not slowly diminish your relationship. You can get help either by coming alone, or with your partner.

• Struggling to lose weight:

• Recovering Alcoholics/Addictions:

• Stressed Helping Professionals: Doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, teachers….

• Parents: Difficulties regarding parenting children: behavior problems at home/school; bullying; education and homework/testing issues; the best way to handle sibling conflicts; scheduling, and disagreements among the parents.

• Teachers/School Administrators: Help solving classroom disruptive behavior, "turned-off" students, teachers in need of more training.

• Couples/Families: Help with dating, recent couples/partners, marriage difficulties, communication problems, conflict resolution, angers, dissatisfactions in the relationship, improving the sexual relationship, parenting issues.

• Separation/Divorce Recovery:

• Feeling Lonely:

• Procrastinators and Time-Management:

• Falling into Drug/Alcohol:

• Want Help with Professional Presentations/Workshops.

• Looking for a Support Group of neighbors nearby who share similar above concerns. Send Prof. Howard Seeman an email; he consults on these issues often and forms MeetUps and support groups to help with these issues.

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