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Women have so many roles and responsibilities that it becomes harder and harder to connect to our feminine self and explore true desires. Different sides of ourselves have a chance to be out in the world more often than others, such as the role of a wife, coworker, friend. Expressing yourself through the non-judgmental and supportive environment of our workshops, you will open up space to move outside your comfort zone and explore your hidden parts that have been suppressed. By exposing yourself, you will have an opportunity to discover your unlimited potential.

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Unleash YOUR STYLE through Creative Self-Expression Workshop for Women.

Women often wear what "seems" fashionable or what "fits" better without considering what they genuinely want to wear and what really inspires them without suppressing their self-expression. Unique opportunity to Explore and Express your true style! During the workshop, you will be coached and provided with tools on how to find and express your true style. Also, you will be provided with art supplies and magazines to create your style. By expressing yourself through the non-judgmental and supportive environment of this workshop, you can open up some space and move outside your comfort zone. This workshop includes 30 minutes of the individual coaching call. After the workshop, you will have an assignment and will be paired with another participant to support each other for your homework for about two-three weeks. After two-three weeks of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to sign up for a self-discovery photo shooting for expressing your new style in your life with the support of the coach and other participants. Why is the workshop designed to incorporate creative art techniques? "Our conscious mind covers up the information from our unconscious mind to "protect" our personality and stay in a comfort zone; however, the unconscious mind has immeasurable abilities. It can process enormous quantities of information in a split second, and can often provide answers. Through creative art techniques, our conscious mind starts to give up control, offering an exceptional opportunity to reveal your innate knowledge."

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