What we're about

Have you ever wondered how a programming language is written? How a CPU actually executes instructions? Or how a database works? Maybe you're curious about building an emulator or a rendering engine. Or you want to dive a bit deeper into the workings of an operating system. This group is focused on exploring, learning about, and maybe making some of these (and other systems) which are typically considered low level or known as "Systems programming". The exact focus of the group will depend on the interests and desires of those that join it whether that be having speakers on relevant topics, quick talks from attendees and peer learning on things that people are interested in, diving into an open source project, or building something small together over a night or week.

Some of the things I'm personally interested and involved in:
- Compiler/Interpreter design and development
- Emulators
- Graphics stuff

Bring your own interests and lets make something fun!