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American Meditation Society - Weekly Saturday Meetup in White Plains
Our typical agenda: - We orient new visitors and then chat a bit, as by sharing what's new or good in our lives. - Then we chant and meditate together, together with the beautiful sounds of a gong - And finally we share thoughts and questions, learning something new sometimes, generally supporting each other best we can at all times. Note that we meet every Wednesday, 7:00 to 8:30 pm, and every Saturday, 2:00 to 3:30 pm -- By the way, the meetup page may show only a few members planning to attend a particular meeting. That's because many people attend regularly and don't bother to RSVP for each meeting. We never have only a few members at a meeting. Twenty members more usually attend each meeting. Call Merrill or Mataji anytime you have questions:[masked]

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What we're about

We are an open, friendly, non-sectarian, non-stuffy group of people who meditate together -- and support one another.

When it comes to moving along on the spiritual path, it's not easy to go it alone. We all need support. And our warm group energy gives lots of that support.

Our teachers, Merrill and Mataji, are there to encourage and assist us. They also offer instruction to beginners, so they can comfortably explore the field for themselves, to see if meditation enhances their lives as much as it does ours.

As for instruction, our meditation teachings are simple and practical. We start beginners by showing them how easy it is to relax profoundly, rather than merely relaxing temporarily or superficially. For those who want more, then, we provide personalized meditation tools that deepen and expand inner peace and, ultimately, lead in the direction of complete Self-realization. What could be bad about that?

Anyone is invited to visit one of our group meetings.

When? We have a meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm and every Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm.

Members can come to any or all of those meetings. Did I mention we were accepting? Click on "Photos" in the left sidebar to see some scenes of us. There are no fees, but donations are accepted.

Our group includes people of all faiths -- and no faith. We are flexible, informal and, not infrequently, just plain silly. We've been meeting for some time now and most meetings have approximately 20+ people attend. We ask members rsvp, but you'll always find a nice large welcoming group at each meditation meeting, even if the meet-up numbers may be less.

Exploratory visits and inquiries more than welcome! Feel free to write any of the organizers with your questions or just to say hello.

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