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Linking with others in New York and around the world to aid the planetary shift in consciousness. This group meets, both in New York and electronically, in support of the vast meditative effort that is underway on our planet to let in the light. Our work includes meditations at the time of the new and full moon, a weekly webinar, as well as a spring conference and a seminar in the fall. The full moon meetings include a talk on themes related to the energies coloring the particular constellation under consideration, while the meetings at the new moon consist of group discussion related to the various crises confronting our world as we transition into a new age. Each meeting concludes with a group meditation through which we serve through the contacting, holding and distribution of the contacted energy to all life forms. The moments of the full and new moons each month provide the greatest opportunity for us to pause and align ourselves with the soul and, in turn, with the planetary heart center, the Spiritual Hierarchy. Through such means we cooperate with the Divine Plan or Intention for our world. Today, countless groups, large and small, meet regularly throughout the world at these interlude periods in the cycles of nature. These groups have been meeting for decades, so the work does not start anew each month but rather builds and grows upon a well-established foundation, a living nucleus of spiritual energy from which we take and to which we give. This work demands of us at all times a deepened understanding and an increased ability to penetrate to new levels of consciousness so lifting humanity as a whole.

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