What we're about

What is this Meetup's purpose?

A space and place to Meetup, learn, grow, connect, play and meditate together. In this fast paced busy world we often miss out on the miraculous gift of real human soulFULL connection, with ourselves and each other.

Our group is designed to give you a place where you can truly be yourself, empower your life from the inside, out and connect with the deep stillness of your soul. Or just arrive, sit back, relax, remember how to breathe and take some time out to destress from the everyday world.

Who should join?

Anyone inspired to enJOY the energy of a group meditation and willing to open their hearts and souls to others. Our group welcomes newbies, experienced meditators and coaches, healers and teachers alike.

Be prepared i'm not what most people expect when they meet a meditation teacher. I am dedicated to no rules meditation which means, if its fun, playful, and you get to try lots of different styles, and if you like it and it makes you feel good then you can choose to do more of it in your week.

I truly believe life is our greatest masterpiece and meditation is one of the keys to totally transforming it. However we are so programmed to BE busy, keep going, and do, do, do .. that we have totally forgotten how to press pause, go within and find the deep stillness, joy and peaceful calm we were born with.

My role is simply to guide you within and all I ask from you is that you show up with an open and curious heart and mind. Be willing to let go of the idea that you can't meditate, that meditation is hard or anything else you've decided and step into a new world where pressing play on a new playlist filled with words and feelings of happiness, clarity, empowerment, and limitless energy becomes your norm.

Our WHY?

More kindness in the world.

If everyone in the world meditated and discovered the simple skills of being kinder to themselves and each other, our whole world will transform.

I quit the world of investment banking in 2010 to follow my dream of creating a world where people love themselves, their lives and their purposeFULL work every single day. I've been personally meditating for over a decade, coaching, teaching and facilitating since 2010, and just moved to New York from Sydney, Australia.

In Sydney I have been running my Meditation MeetUp group for over 2 years, plus facilitating hundreds of workshops for large corporates like Apple inc., Canon, Nespresso, AMEX, Walt Disney, Volkswagen to name a few.

I'm super excited to create together a brand new community of like minded peeps in my new home, New York.

My mission in life is to create a kinder world where we all live, love and lead the way through self awareness, presence, play, connection, soulFULL, purpose driven contribution and positive change and impact. There is no better way than meditating together and awakening our hearts, minds, and souls to the amazingness of New York community.

Along the way we will be traveling to different beautiful energy filled spaces throughout the city finding places to connect with like minded souls as we chill out, chill in and just BE.

Any questions shoot me an email ... until then ...press play today by smiling, loving, celebrating and BEing kind to yourself every single day.

Immense Love, Kyla

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