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We created this support group as an opportunity for men going through a midlife existential predicament to meet with other men having a similar life experience. This is an internal conflict and can happen at any age and in most cases more than once in your lifetime.

The purpose of this group is to create awareness and provide a private forum where you can share your feelings and experiences; to work together to reduce some of the negative impact that this time in your life can have on both yourself and those closest to you. Our sole purpose is to work as a group to provide support/advice and an outlet to help you understand and manage your way through this period in your life.

After having personally experienced this and talked to many men who have also suffered, I realized that there is very little support to help men through this period in their lives. After being dismissed by several therapists (as a bored middle aged man who needed a new hobby) I decided to set up this group.

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July Meetup

135 E 57th St

Next Meetup, Thursday Apr 18th


First Meetup: Private Group Discussion


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